Our Local History

Lighthouse Pentecostal Church is dedicated, in every aspect, to the Light – to acknowledging the Light of Truth, to shedding the light of God’s Word into a dark world, and to equipping people to live joyfully in His light everyday.  It is about our relationship with the light of the world, Jesus Christ!

Situated high on a hill on the east side of Wausau, Lighthouse is easy to find.  From our vantage point at 1525 Townline Road (County Road N), we enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city and river valley, as well as a great view of Rib Mountain.  With a spacious sanctuary and plenty of parking space there is room for you, too!

Established in 1965, Lighthouse Pentecostal Church has been providing an Apostolic house of worship for the residents of the greater Wausau area for more than 40 years.  Our pastors have led the church in a continual pattern of growth:

Founding Pastor John S (Jack) Leaman    1965 until 1971
Pastor Manuel W. Rogers    1971 until 1979
Pastor John M. Wolfram    1979 until 1983
Pastor Randall B. McCoy    1983 until 1997
Pastor Paul N. Bennett    1997 until 2005
Pastor Derrald J. Hilderbrand    2005 to present

At its early inception, the United Pentecostal Church of Wausau, (it’s original name) purchased a small church building and parsonage on Broadway street near Grand Avenue.  Later, under the direction of Pastor Wolfram, the assembly purchased the property at the top of Townline road.  Pastor Randall McCoy then led the church family in the prodigious endeavor of building this very fine house of worship which is enjoyed by all unto this present day.  The name “Lighthouse Pentecostal Church” was adopted during the ministry of Pastor Bennett.

We are thankful to each of these men and their families for their forward vision, their selfless sacrifice, and boundless labor in bringing the Pentecostal message to this beautiful area of Central Wisconsin.  We are always thankful for the comfortable place to call “home”.

As a church family, we continue to strive to be like the churches which were established in the New Testament – focused on relevant, inspiring, Bible-centered teaching, solid friendships, genuine worship, fervent prayer, and compassionate care for those who are hurting or in need.  In essence, to continually “walk in the light as He is in the light.”  (I John 1:7)

At Lighthouse you matter.