PHD Ministry

Post High Department:
•    Any young person currently enrolled in college, tech school, or attending a continuing education course.

•    Our statement of purpose:  We recognize the uniquely challenging and profoundly rewarding years of the college age youth.  These are fantastic times in their lives and can be the most formative days in determining a life’s course.  We strive to befriend them, and assist them, during the time they are attending any of the local campuses in Wausau.  Spiritual success is life success.

•    In addition to being welcomed into the LPC “family”, we invite all who fit the profile of the college student to join Pastor weekly for lunch and a brief “life-message”.

o    Lunch is “on the house”.  (Or more accurately, “at the mall.”)  Pastor meets with the PHD group for lunch once a week on Wednesday.
Free lunch!  Who wouldn’t like that!?

o    When?  Wednesday, at either 12 noon or 1 p.m.   Call the church office for the specific time and let us know you are coming.  We change the times so all have a chance to come as their schedule allows.

o    Where?   The Food Court at Wausau Center Mall.

o    To be a part, call 715-845-4722 and leave a message.  If you will share your mobile number, we can text the weekly information.

•    Other opportunities to get together with like-minded college students are also planned from time to time.  (A great time was had by all at the Christmas party at the pastor’s house.)