Ministries / Home Bible Studies

LPC makes it possible for anyone who does not have their own Bible to possess one. We also make it possible for you to have a Bible study in your own home at no cost or obligation. If your home setting is not convenient, you may meet with someone at the church.

The teacher will be someone of your choosing with whom you are comfortable. The timing and the duration of the course is up to you. The level of discussion is also up to you. You may discontinue the course at any time and there is no obligation to you in any way.
Various Bible Study programs include “Exploring God’s Word”, “Search for Truth”, “Into His Marvelous Light”, and others. These can extend for one or two lessons, up through a twelve lesson series, and can continue as long as you wish. It is important that each one of us is correct and secure in our own understanding of the Word of God.

We have found that a “one on one”, or a small group setting, is best for having the freedom to ask questions and have them answered to your satisfaction.

For more information please call the church office.