North America

Lighthouse Pentecostal Church is affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church, International. As such, we are blessed to belong to a strong network of believers and church fellowships from all over North America, coordinated to assist and support ministries for every demographic segment of society. Through various fundraising efforts, LPC generously assists in programs that:

• Plant new churches;
• Provide assistance for small and growing “daughter”-congregations to become established, self-sustaining churches;
• Assist in ministry to the deaf and hearing-impaired;
• Support Spanish ministries, as well as to many other ethnic groups within NA society; and
• Promote many other ministries such as Alaska Flying Mission, Metro Missions, Christian Prisoner Fellowship, and Spirit of Freedom Ministries (Christian Intervention Program for the Chemically-Dependent and their families), to name just a few.

Please click on the “North American Missions” link at the lower right corner of the home page, and it will take you directly to the website where you will find current information.