Family Ministries

The core of the truly successful church is the cohesive family unit. The occasional focused plans, outings, and special events at LPC are not at the expense of family gatherings. Some of these family outings include

the annual Church Picnic
the “Everybody’s Birthday” cookout and fun day.
the monthly “fellowship night” last Sunday of every month we have NO scheduled church service, however we have homes established with sign up sheets for fellowship with food, games, church family and friends.
the special Good Friday, Easter and Christmas services,
the annual All-family Camp-out.

Each of our scheduled church services includes a significant measure of time when the whole family sits together.
Sunday morning service opens and closes with family worship and praise.
Wednesday evening service opens with total family worship and prayer.
Sunday evening service is totally geared to a ministry to the whole family.

The motto of the United Pentecostal Church, International is : “The whole gospel, to the whole world, by the whole church.” With regards to our local church, we would add . . . “to the whole family”.