The welcome:

  • You will be welcomed and assisted in finding a place where you feel comfortable.
  • If you have children you will be assisted and introduced to the Sunday school classes and teachers. Your children are encouraged to enjoy the classes with their peers, but it is not mandatory if they are not comfortable.
  • You will be greeted, but not singled out publicly.

How should you dress? Come as you are.
Every one is welcome to come as they are. You will notice that those who call this their church home seek to be Christ–honoring by looking and wearing their very best. We worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We are His servants. We wish to be our best for Him and glorify Him in how we appear, in what we say and in all we do.

The Worship:

  • The time of worship and praise is dynamic and totally focused on Jesus. Worship is not a spectator sport…. It is a shared opportunity to touch the hand and heart of Jesus Christ. The Lord, through His spirit, often moves among the church body and ministers to the congregation through the gifts of the spirit.
  • Time is often given for special music selections from members of our worship leaders, designated individuals, musicians, or choir.
  • At some time during each service we will make time for prayer for special needs and for healing. Time is also given at the conclusion of each service for prayer at the altar. No one prays alone unless they wish to be alone.

The Spoken Word:

Whether in the preaching or the teaching, the Bible is the center of every message. Whether it is Sunday morning, Sunday evening, Wednesday evening Bible study, or any other midweek gathering, the Bible is the source and standard of the faith we embrace.